October 08, 2020
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A Career as a Web Developer

To start earning a rewarding salary, you need the training to develop websites with ease. At Texas Tech Coding Academy, we offer:

  • Part time coding classes

  • The ability to learn from anywhere

  • A flexible schedule

  • Affordable tuition

  • Free unlimited tutoring

  • Industry-leading job assistance program

You can learn virtually, with access to tutors when you need a little extra help. Become a web developer without going into student-loan debt. As you learn a new skill to make yourself more marketable, you’ll feel a sense of confidence and calm. You don’t need a full 4-year degree to make some serious money, and you have complete flexibility.

Many companies are even encouraging remote work so you could build a new website for a client in any location you desire. You could monitor Google Analytics and develop web graphics without ever leaving the house!

What Skills Do You Need as a Web Developer?

Web development is a hot industry with a lot of competition. However, there is plenty of room for new web developers to fold into the job market. As a web developer, you need to be able to apply a range of skills. These might include:

  • Creating quality website and social media content

  • Designing eye-catching graphics, animations, and other multimedia

  • Learning multiple back-end coding languages

  • Making sure a web page loads quickly so that a visitor doesn’t migrate away from it

  • Including audio messages or music

  • Using multiple web formats and platforms including WordPress, Squarespace, or even DIY sites like WIX

  • Applying  web design templates

  • Developing a clear site map

  • Making a website mobile friendly

  • Making a website user friendly

  • Organizing a website to show up in search engines

  • Ensuring a website can handle high levels of traffic

  • Applying backend coding like Node.js/Express.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails to make sure a website renders correctly

Moreover, many website developers hone even greater skill sets to become software developers that can design computer and mobile applications. When you learn additional programming languages like Python, Pearl, Scala, or Go, you earn even more.