September 10, 2020
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Coding Isn’t Just for Programmers Anymore

At Texas Tech Coding Academy, we know that web development isn’t the only career path you can take. Coding skills and knowledge of CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, can make you more marketable in the growing tech industry.

With JavaScript, CSS, Responsive Design, MongoDB, Heroku, and HTML5, among other coding languages that you’ll use to refine your craft, the possibilities and career paths you can take are endless!

What Can You Do with Coding Skills?

There is a growing list of careers that seek individuals with coding skills. Salaries are commensurate with experience for coders, but can easily reach into six figures.

You might explore any of these coding-based careers:

  • User Experience Designer (UX Designer): Get ready to put front-end coding skills like HTML, CSS or JavaScript to use in this position. A UX designer helps to increase people’s satisfaction with the apps and tech they are currently using. A User Experience designer builds wireframes, conducts research, and does A/B testing to create mock-ups (pretend user experience scenarios) that help to make products better.

  • Technical Writer: As a tech writer with practical coding skills, you are intimately aware of the nuances of technical documentation for apps, software instruction manuals, tech tutorials, and even marketing language applied to Artificial Intelligence, the Cloud, and other tech terms. Your personal experience and understanding of complex technical concepts will allow you to explain them in a way that is more digestible for a wider audience and thus make you invaluable to any company

  • Instructional Designer: While not all instructional design jobs require coding, if you have this skill, developing a curriculum that teaches people how to use emerging technology can be priceless. Knowing the learning curve associated with any tech and the coding that is required to make software applications tick is a highly sought-after skill in the tech market.

  • Project Manager: A project manager (PM) is the liaison between stakeholders of a company’s tech and the boots-on-the-ground team that makes the tech actually work. They usually usher messages between software designers, technical writers, instructional designers, and app developers to make sure the final product matches the vision of its creators. Coding skills go a long, long way in this position.

  • Digital Content Creator: It isn’t enough to just be able to create great content like blog posts, sales landing pages, and social media blurbs anymore. Companies are seeking people who can format their creative resources with HTML5 or CMS for WordPress uploads.

  • Marketing Growth Hacking: This job basically utilizes technical skills to grow a company’s brand image and website using tools like SEMRush and Google Analytics. Since there is a highly technical component to this position, coding skills are extremely useful. Skills like technical marketing analysis, A/B testing capability, and customer acquisition data modeling are all used in this job.

  • Code Hacker: Do you love figuring out why JavaScript patterns solve common software design problems? You can be hired as a consultant to hack specialized software bugs and glitches, and to fix them.

  • Medical Billing Coder: Many medical companies including hospitals, urgent care, and other institutions look to coders to build out their medical billing, profit and loss planning, overall accounting projections or just explain it to account managers so they can use it in technical documentation. HTML5-based medical billing templates are needed everywhere. As a coder, you can build them in your sleep.

How To Start Coding Now

Texas Tech Coding Academy offers online classes so you can learn coding in your preferred environment, with supportive, unlimited tutoring. We also won’t put you into massive student loan debt like many 4-year degrees that don’t always offer the promise of a lucrative career or even help you in your search for one when you finish them.

Coding jobs are booming and expected to only grow in demand in the next 5 years. Use this time to benefit your future and compete in a growing tech market.