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Our sister school, Austin Coding Academy, has launched a totally online program designed for you to learn from home as you become a web developer. Join students from across the country for our next virtual Full Stack JavaScript Program, in one of our part-time or full-time classes, powered by Austin Coding Academy.

Course Types

Part Time
Full Stack Web Development
6:30pm - 9:00pm
36 weeks

What is Web Development?

(and why do we teach it?)

The World’s Top Programming Languages

These languages and frameworks are in the top technologies used, with JavaScript being the world’s most-used programming language, with nearly 70% of the world’s developers using JS in their work according to Stack Overflow.

Design Engaging, Responsive Front-Ends

Discover the power of JavaScript: a language used by nearly every website on the internet to display, animate, and make webpages come to life.

Use Node.js/Express.js to Build Powerful Back-Ends

Learn how to collect and process data using Node.js/Express.js – and also how to manage databases with SQL.

Tap Into The Tech Scene

As the most in-demand language for small to mid-level companies, Node.js/Express.js and Javascript powers the thriving start-up scene, with new jobs opportunities arising daily.

Program Overview

Remote Learning

The same proven curriculum as our in-class Full Stack Web Development course optimized for working remotely through Zoom. Led by instructors who work as professional web developers, classes focus on in-depth, practical projects that prepare you for success in your new career. There has never been a better time to learn online and get into coding!

How To Prepare

Through this course, you will develop many employable skills including time management, collaboration, and self-confidence that will shape your mind and grow your creative talent for you to be a valuable employee! To prepare yourself for full-time learning you’ll follow the easy steps laid out in the Pre-Course Lessons of your online textbook which include becoming familiar with platforms like Google Meet, RocketChat, and software like VS Code and Live-Share. Completing these steps will help you make the most of your virtual learning time! To join the class you’ll need the minimum computer requirements which include either Linux, Windows, or Mac Operating Systems; 8GB+ RAM, 2.8+ GHz Processor, 256GB+ Storage, Webcam & Microphone (Headphones optional) and an internet connection of 5 Mbps or more. Everyone here at Texas Tech Coding Academy will be here to support you the whole way so give us a call if you have any questions!

Job Readiness

Texas Tech Coding Academy’s Full Stack Web Development Track is designed to take students from no experience to job ready in under a year. After graduating, students continue to receive support in finding their first job from our Job Placement Course, Director of Job Placement, and various hiring partners.

Course Structure
Web 101: Intro to Web Development

In Web 101, we start you from the ground’ll learn HTML & CSS to help you build the foundation you need to understand the basics and segway into Javascript. You’ll build a portfolio site, cool landing pages, and even a browser-based game!

  • HTML5 + all new HTML5 APIs
  • CSS3 + Animations and Transitions
  • Version Control Software - Git
  • Responsive Web Design
  • JavaScript Basics & DOM Manipulation
  • Input Control and Form Submissions

Full Time: 4 weeks

Part Time: 8 weeks

JS 211: JavaScript Language Basics

This is when we get into programming properly. Through vanilla JavaScript and Node.js, you’ll solve problems like a developer. How would you build an app to manage your dodgeball team’s roster and keep track of the players’ skill levels?

  • Immersion in Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Build Unit Testing + Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Master Callbacks and Functional Programming
  • Interact with remote APIs and manipulate data

Full Time: 4 weeks

Part Time: 8 weeks

JS 311: Back-End JavaScript

Databases, Authentication, and Hosting, Oh My! In this course you’ll learn all the back-end tools you need to build the behind-the-scenes functionality for web applications. Build projects that can Create, Read, Update, and Delete their data, using MySQL, Node.js, Express.js, and Google Cloud.

  • Shape your own SQL Database
  • Serve Express.js routes
  • Harness the power of Node.js
  • MVC - Model, View, Controller
  • Deploy your own Node Modules
  • Learn to host, deploy and manage your web applications

Full Time: 4 weeks

Part Time: 8 weeks

JS 411: Javascript Front-End

React and Redux are the hotness in the industry. Created and maintained by Facebook, React.js is a library focused on beautiful user interfaces to display information from those robust databases and APIs you learned in previous courses. In this course you’ll also build your capstone project, showing off all the skills you have!

  • Build web apps with React
  • Maintain app state with Redux
  • Build Production grade Apps with Webpack
  • Handle Client-Side Routing
  • Expand your knowledge of Git
  • Deep-Dive into HTTPS protocol

Full Time: 4 weeks

Part Time: 8 weeks

Job Placement

of our graduates are employed as web developers within 6 months.


The average salary for a software developer in Texas.

Graduate Job-Ready
Practical Curriculum

Our courses are designed to teach you relevant skills through practical application. Learn in-demand technologies by building real-life projects with feedback from professional developers.

Director of Job Placement

Receive one-on-one attention from our Director of Job Placement, who provides resume feedback, sets up interviews and events with companies, helps with applying, and more.

Job Placement Course

Hone your online presence, resume, and interview skills in our 4-week job placement course. This course is led by both a professional developer and a recruiter and is free to all Texas Tech Coding Academy graduates.

Hiring Partnerships

Texas Tech Coding Academy maintains working relationships with a host of local companies that depend on our graduates to fill open web development positions.

Student Outcomes
Luke Stenis
Analytics Implementation Engineer
@ Pluralsight
About Luke  
Lillian Situ
Software Engineer
About Lillian  
Greg Swan
Web Application Developer
@ OpenSymmetry
About Greg  

Our Graduates Are Working At

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